“Last century, there was a small dingy underground nightclub in the heart of a Leeds shopping centre . 

“The legendary Le Phonographique was in the Merrion centre and entertained the alternative people of Yorkshire for over 25 years. 

“Le Phono night celebrates the best alternative tracks from the late 20th century. Expect everything from Sex Pistols-Sisters of Mercy, Mudhoney-Ministry, Nirvana-Nine inch Nails, Bauhaus-Beastie Boys, Cramps-Cult and so much more. Le Phono was a mixing pot of non mainstream music lovers who wanted to dance, dress up(or down) and party like there was no tomorrow. DJs from the legendary club will be entertaining you until the early hours. Whether you went to Le Phono or not why not join us and dance until your body aches 😀 “

No advance tickets – please pay on the door.