We’ve partnered with All Ears to offer music lovers the opportunity to protect their hearing with high-fidelity earplugs at all of our events. These earplugs have special filters that keep the music sounding crystal clear. Reserve your pair via this link, then pick up and pay for them at the bar

For more information on the product click here and read below the All Ears top tips for protecting your ears in the club.


? Wear earplugs

“The best method of preventing hearing damage is wearing earplugs. High-fidelity earplugs are the ideal option for club goers. They are a reusable product containing an acoustic filter that allows the music to sound crystal clear whilst also protecting your ears. High-fidelity earplugs…

– Protect your hearing and prevents ringing in your ears after a music event

– Music and conversations remain audible and clear thanks to the special music filter Reusable over 100 times and easy to clean with water and soap

– Includes a keyring pouch so that you don’t lose them and can take them to every event

– They’re almost invisible in your ears”


? Take regular breaks from the music

“Both the intensity of a sound and the time spent exposed to a sound can cause hearing damage. It’s essential that your ears are given a chance to recover from loud noise exposure. Take breaks.


?Don’t stick your head in the speakers

“We all thought this was fun when we were young, but our ears are paying for it now. Encourage attendees not to crawl into the bass bins or stand right next to the speakers. We recommend trying to keep a 2m distance from speakers in clubs.”