Following his appearance at the Leeds leg of the Dimensions International pre-parties series with Jensen Interceptor on 16th March 2019, we asked Identified Patient to walk us through the many rooms of his record bag. Job Veerman entered notoriety after his utterly wild Boiler Room set at Dekmantel 2018, which explored crusty industrial, warped … Continued

Ahead of the next instalment of Pearson Sound’s Acetate on 26th January 2019, we asked UK Garage legend and headliner Jeremy Sylvester about the contents of his record bag. In spite of his such strong association to the UK garage scene, his selections below give an insight into the Londoner’s well roundedness as a musician … Continued

Production Line asks the expert music makers who pass through our club to reveal the tracks instrumental in influencing the early stages of their creative process. Next up is Pretty Pretty Good resident Yak, who will be playing with Objekt and Silvia Kastel at Wire on 28th December. Yak aka John Randall is a Sheffield … Continued

The minimal and house scene has a tendency to churn out a lot of homogeneous material. But there are a few groups who have made it their project to break this mould, and unlock the genre’s huge potentialities. Les Points is one such crew. Based in Switzerland, and as such cut loose from the gravitational … Continued

Wigflex is an absolute tour-de-force of party starting power. Lukas, the man behind the Nottingham and now-national promoter, has been putting on events and booking huge lineups for over five years. In that time, while supplying incredible lineups to the UK, he has earned a reputation as on of the country’s most astute selectors. He … Continued

Production Line asks the expert music-makers passing through our club to reveal the tracks instrumental in influencing the early stages of their creative process. This time, we quiz 96 Back aka Evan Majumdar-Swift: the youngest producer to be featured in this way, but nevertheless one of the most interesting and proficient in his field. He … Continued

Gemma Furbank is known for an uncompromisingly tough approach to techno. To become a new-found resident for The Orbit after it’s rekindling in 2012, it had to be so. The legendary club night (which hosted a who’s-who of the world’s best techno artists at their venue in Morley from the 1990s to the 200s) was … Continued

Brame & Hamo, Ireland’s house music anthem wizards, are set to play Wire for the first time with the Augmented crew from Manchester. Originating from the small seaport of Sligo, they have managed to spread onto the international stage with ease, thrilling house-heads with their no-nonsense approach to songwriting. We were interested to know what led … Continued

Ahead of their big Halloween event with Bambounou and Anastasia Kristensen in collaboration with Walking Through Sound and Limit, we spoke to Alex Gilroy aka Yorlig of Revamp about some of the highlights of his collection. What is revealed is a DJ wholly dedicated to digging proper dance music through the ages, from early acid and hardcore all the way up … Continued

We chat to Pete Melba of Up North in the lead up to his first event at Wire with Markus Sommer and Felix Kluge.   The name of your night is quite striking. We just do it better Up North really, don’t we? Where are you from originally? Do you think there is something particular about … Continued

Ahead of his show for Small Talk with fellow Bristolian Shanti Celeste in October, Chris Farrell has recorded hopefully the first of many Wire Mixes. We think that Chris is one of the most important figures of the UK underground. As Idle Hands reaches its tenth year of establishment (a huge feat for any business, … Continued

The minimal tech house scene is notorious for being the seat of nonchalant dancing, male dominated clubs and general hedonistic mischief. There’s something in its meatiness and sleaziness that seems far removed from the queerness of early styles of house, and its uber-repetitive, trance-like effects often seem like the symptom of disinterest and conceptual bankruptcy. But one mustn’t … Continued