This time last year we welcomed Andrew Weatherall for what would be his only appearance at Wire. An all night excursion that is still collectively acknowledged by all of us here as one of the club’s prouder moments, and one of our favourite parties by far.

Looking back one year on, I’ve selected a large handful of my favourites from The Chairman’s back catalogue.


The Woodleigh Research Facility – Brackstone Abroad

A haunting lead, plus some weird and eerie pads, do a lot of the legwork on this dubwise jaw-dropper from Weatherall and Nina Walsh. A real worrier to turn heads on any dance floor.



Rude Solo – Sprung Ceiling

Released after Sabres of Paradise disbanded in 1995, “D.C. Flumes” is one of Weatherall and Keith Tenniswood’s (AKA Radioactive Man) early releases together. ‘Sprung Ceiling’ pairs a no-nonsense electro framework with the trademark glitches and bleeps that would become a motif across their extensive body of work.



Deanne Day – Honk (If You’ve Seen The King)

“The Day After” is packed with classy-as-fuck ear worms, but ‘Honk’ gets the nod here. Weatherall and Harrow’s productions under the Deanne Day moniker understandably draw comparisons to early output from labels Wiggle and Surreal, but this is in a league of its own.



Andrew Weatherall – Feathers

Feathers’ was the track that put Weatherall on my radar during my teens, so it’s impossible to not mention it here. In hindsight, it’s easy to see why this stood out amongst a lot of dross I had on back then.



Two Lone Swordsmen – The Bunker

Super innovative dance floor bomb from Weatherall and Tenniswood’s Two Lone Swordsmen alias, taken from their seminal LP “Tiny Minds” on Warp in 2000. This is fresher than most stuff coming out today, and I have no doubt it will still have plenty of legs in another twenty years.


Andrew Weatherall – The Moton 5

Released posthumously, ‘The Moton 5’ perfectly encapsulates Weatherall’s transition to a master of chug. Blissful yet bitter-sweet, an embodiment of the ALFOS sound.