Ahead of her show at Acetate, where she’ll be playing in her ‘More Styles’ mode as opposed to her usual drum and bass tip, DJ Flight has given us a run through some of her all time favourite tracks. The Metalheadz affiliate has been brightening the UK’s airwaves for years, guiding the 140+ genres through their various transformations from jungle to dubstep and beyond. As a host on 1Extra, she can be classed amongst the scene’s key linchpins, and has been a voice in support of experimental new music.

It’s no surprise that Pearson Sound has enlisted her to show off some of her eclectic record collection at his vinyl-only love-in this weekend. So, here we go with Five of Flight’s Faves:


1. Alice Smith – Love Endeavour (Maurice Fulton Remix)

“Definitely one of my all-time favourites, of any genre. Sexy, stylish, sublime, and the vocal break down 2/3 of the way in is pure euphoria. I’ve probably included this track in nearly every ‘alternative’/ More Styles set I’ve played since getting it. Also it’s just been reissued for the first time since 2006/2007 – go buy!”


2. Theo Parrish – Falling Up (Carl Craig Remix)

“There are too many excellent C2/ Theo originals and remixes to pick an absolute favourite, but this one has gotta be up there. One of the most hypnotic and mysterious vibes you’ll come across; obviously best listened to loud, in a low-ceilinged dark club, eyes closed, body swaying business.”


3. Horace Andy – I Don’t Wanna Be Left Outside

“Anyone that knows me well, knows I’m a HUGE fan of Horace Andy. I love his voice so much. Originally released in 1980, but I picked up a Wackie’s repress maybe 6/7 years ago while I still worked at BM Soho – having the Dub Vendor guys operating out of the shop at the time was a schooling and a real pleasure. Flip over the 10″ for a sweet, quite subtle King Tubby dub.”


4. 2562 – Love in Outer Space

“Aaaahhh I have so much time for 2562/ A Made Up Sound music. Another producer I love to the maximum. This piece sounds exactly like the title suggests – the last third especially. Cosmic niceness.”


5. Pangaea – Bone Sucka

“Feels wrong not to include something new/ more recent. I love the attitude of Pangaea’s music – raw underground breakbeat hardcore done well, and Hessle is of course a great label. I have a lot of respect for what the 3 of them have done over the years; I actually felt quite humbled by being invited to play at Acetate. Let’s have some fun!”