Ironically, Fuzzy Logic is now of legal age to enter a club. Celebrating an 18th birthday is something we all expect to do personally – but for a club night, it’s a real rarity. The longevity of Leeds’ original alternative night is testament to the continued pertinence of “indie” music which, having seemingly reached its peak at the turn of the millenium, has evolved year on year and been reflected on Thursday nights in our basement.

Fuzzy was even around before Wire was known as such – it used to be ‘Think Tank’. And, although the music policy at Wire has gradually shifted towards electronic sounds over the past twelve years, this weekly club night has been retained to serve the alternative music fans of Leeds who, as well as attending gigs, need a dark room and a loose dance floor to let their hair down.

To celebrate this milestone anniversary, we have asked resident DJs Adam Winch-Furness and Ryan Paul to select their favourite albums from the year of Fuzzy’s birth.



Eminem – Marshall Mathers LP

With a older brother heavily into hip-hop, I heard this record and worked my way backwards to educate myself. But the truth is, this was a defining album in Hip-Hop where Eminem changed the game. Rappers are meant to tell a story through their songs but Eminem literally told a fictional story through the song “Stan”. Eminem’s creativity through his music is undeniable.


Radiohead – Kid A

Idioteque has to go down as one of my favourite records of all time. In a time where there were bands doing something similar like your Oasis’, Blur’s and Pulp’s, Radiohead always produced something that broke the mould. They explored an alternative sound through electronic music which back then was unheard of bang at the end of Brit-pop.


OutKast- Stankonia

As I was growing up as a teenager, a bandwagon would jump on a pop record or a rock record. The genius of OutKast is they produce a universal sound on each album that everyone can appreciate. 18 years later, you can still bang on Ms. Jackson, drop the volume of a record and listen to a full dance floor shout the lyrics.



QOSTA – Rated R

The album that got me into the band. Opening with ‘Feel Good Hit Of The Summer’ that is a huge club anthem, this album showcases what QOTSA are all about.


Rage Against The Machine – Renegades

As a drummer, these guys played a big influential part when I was younger. Especially this album You can’t not lose it when ‘Renegades of Funk’ comes on.


U2 – All That You Can’t Leave Behind

When you’ve got a Dad who blasted The Prodigy and U2 all the time growing up, you can understand where I get an eclectic mix of music taste. A big marmite band, but can’t love a bit of ‘Beautiful Day’ featuring on old school Match of The Day, or ‘Elevation’ appearing on the original Tomb Raider film.