Ahead of the second event in Overflow’s trio of fifth birthday bashes at Wire, we spoke to FD – an internationally renowned liquid DJ who finds his home on Lenzman’s The North Quarter label.


Name(s): Freddie

Producer name: FD

Hometown: London


First record ever bought


All on the same day: Ed Rush & Optical – Wormhole LP, Jonny L – Magnetic LP and RAM Trilogy – Chapter 3. So not a bad way to start the D&B collection really! One of my mates had been DJing for some time already, so I luckily had someone showing me the good stuff right off the bat. I’d also already been listening to D&B for quite a while before I started buying records, so I already had a chance to develop my taste a bit – but I wish I’d started buying records straight away, I would have some killer mid 90s bits (and not have to chase them all up for lots more money!)!


Best floorfiller

Ooh hard one. I guess it would depend on what day you ask me what I’d say but, Calibre – Redlight often does the biz!


Best crate dig

Time to get nerdy – I love Kemal & Rob Data – Linear. Those guys were so sick, way ahead of their time.


Sleaziest record

Haha what? I do miss the sleazy skankers, but I’m not sure that’s quite what you mean. Sleaziest, I guess would have to be one of my UKG records probably. I used to have ‘Sweet Like Chocolate’ on a brown vinyl promo before it got massive (honest) – that’s pretty sleazy!


Best warehouse/stadium filler

I’m thinking warehouse so I’d probably go for something a bit harder – ‘Rock Tha House’ by Ed Rush & Optical is coming to mind for some reason (well i can see the LP spine poking out the shelf) – but I’d like to think that vocal would get people into that vibe!


Most nostalgic record

They’re all nostalgic! I guess that’s one of the main reasons I keep them these days – you could have them all digitally sure, but to me, my collection is kind of like a diary. I can remember buying many of them, the excitement when I finally got my hands on them if I’d been waiting a long time or marvelling over the artwork. I think that’s partly why making a physical product is still so important to me – I remember how much I loved it and what value it had, a real record, proper artwork, it’s a vibe.


Most valuable record? (monetary or sentimental)

Well, I told him it was a bad move, and that he shouldn’t do it, but I once swapped with a friend and got his copy of the Calibre remix of Chinese Silk by Un-Cut. I love that tune, it’s so great and you don’t hear it much at all. Also, they really didn’t press many and it only came on white – so that’s worth a fair bit, both monetarily and sentimentally.


Weirdest record?

Probably that Marlene Dietrich album I’ve got…


Last record you bought?

Think it was a Robert Hood or Ben Klock thing, but can’t be sure. Try not to buy too many these days, after finally kicking my habit!


Record you wish you could own?


Really after the live version of Erykah Badu ‘Baduism’! It’s so bloody good, and so bloody expensive!!