This weekend sees the first Pleasure Connection event at Wire, with two of the most exciting guests we have ever had come through the club: Amsterdam’s Suzanne Kraft and Interstellar Funk. But, behind any set of dazzling headliners, there is always a sturdy resident propping them up. Kyle McSparron from Londonderry is one of them. He can regularly be seen keeping Leeds’ venues running smoothly as staff, but also keeping dance floors filled as a superb selector. Along with Ollie Patterson and Sam Toone, he drives the Pleasure Connection sound, which is almost entirely based on sleaze. As well as his sleaziest track, here are some of the highlights of his varied record bag.


First record ever bought

I can’t remember what it was but I reckon my first record purchase was probably a fidget house record or something I picked up downstairs in Crash. This is an early purchase that is probably slightly more relevant seeing as it would still make it in my bag these days.


Best floorfiller

This normally stays in my bag. Generally always suitable no matter the gig, it’s pumping enough to get a vibe going but still has a real silky groove. Dancefloor ammunition.


Best crate dig

Sweet little Japanese B-side from vinyl tap about 6 months ago.


Sleaziest record

Weird question for because the only actual loose musical concept for Pleasure Connection is that we try to play loads of sleazy music. Slum Village bringing sexytime.


Best warehouse/stadium filler

A synthesiser masterclass from Mr Craig.


Most nostalgic record

I always play this record chilling out after the party. Normally chatting about it incessantly for the first 4 minutes then demanding everyone in the room be quiet and listen to the lyrics for the duration. “You don’t have to wash nobody’s fuckin’ clothes but ya own”


Most valuable record

I don’t think I’ve got any showy super expensive records, I spend most of my time looking for cheap bangers. This record is important for me because it was the first record that turned me onto dance music and with that made me much more open to listen to new styles of music, before this I would have listened to guitar bands and nothing else. Listened to it at my mates house on one of the Laurent Garnier Excess Baggage mixes, it was one of his Dads CD’s. The thundering 909 intro and then the early vocal breakdown completely blew me away, before this dance music to me was just that awful plastic house that used to play on MTV Dance.


Weirdest record

The weirder the better. This mind contorting Weatherall remix is top shelf.


Last record you bought

10 Mins of screaming guitar and serious wiggin’ out. Turn the lights off, light some candles and open your minds eye.


Record you wish you could own

Ollie turned me onto this Zouk banger but the LP goes for 3 figures and I’m far too cheap for that.