There is a sense in which the ZamZam Sounds label now acts in the same manner as the wellspring of Islamic mythology from which it takes its name. It is an ever-flowing fount of nourishing sounds, all aimed at engaging the spiritual potential of dub-reggae through modern production techniques. Encompassing dubstep, breakbeat, digidub and more, the label is a rather miraculous source of UK sounds when you realise that it is based in Portland, Oregon – and not Brixton. Even so, the dynamic duo at the helm, Ezra and Tracy, have a very considerable influence on the British scene, continuing to release music from the biggest producers on our side of the pond.

As such, it makes sense for them to visit Britain regularly to play. Zam Zam Sounds’ E3 (Ezra)  returns to Wire on Saturday, and is joined by the usual suspects at the Iration Steppas Soundsystem, plus Jack Sparrow and J:Kenzo who you can find on ZamZam 7″.

In this piece, we invited Ezra to share with us a few of the records that have influenced him most growing up.


Your earliest musical memory

“Circle dancing to Frankie Smith’s Double Dutch Bus 7″ in kindergarden in San Francisco”


The first record/cd you bought

“Peter Gabriel – Shock The Monkey 12” ”


A record given to you by your parents

“Philip Glass – Koyaanisqatsi OST”


A record that made you want to play music

“Mark Stewart – As The Veneer Of Democracy Starts To Fade”


A tune from your school days

“TACK>HEAD – Hard Left”


A record that altered your music taste forever

“Bob Marley – Survival”


A record from your first clubbing experiences

“Meat Beat Manifesto – Radio Babylon”


A record that affected your political standpoint

“Peter Tosh – Equal Rights”


An unlikely influence

“Bad Brains”


A current influence



A record you want played at your funeral

“Burial Mix catalogue”


Head to the ZamZam Sounds website to purchase music and find out more.

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