We spoke to Tom and Alex of Tilt-Shift ahead of their event with Steevio & Suzybee of Freerotation at our sister club HiFi this Friday to see what they are all about…


How did Tilt-Shift first come together?

Tom: It was originally for an event management module at university. I was working at Wire at the time so it seemed like a logical place to start something.


What was it like creating a night out of a university project? Do you think it helped or hindered the process? How did your first events go at Wire?

Tom: It had its difficulties but was a steeper learning curve as a result. Somewhere down the line we would have started an event but the module provided us with the impetus to do it there and then. And obviously having a deadline forced us to be organised and constructive. The night was a success, the challenge was met, everyone who attended seemed to have a good time!



Did you find there were a lot of like-minded people at LCoM – as in, into club music?

Tom: I’d say there was always one or two in a class, but then I wouldn’t necessarily have known. It didn’t feel important. It introduced valuable friendships with people who are into a variety of stuff.


Could you explain the name?

Tom: It’s a photographic term that refers to selective focus, its affect changes the way you look at the image and can distort perception of scale.


I’m interested to know if you discovered electronic music before playing a musical instrument, and where your fascination with live techno instrumentation came from – because a lot of the scene is DJ focussed in Leeds.

Tom: No I was relatively late to it. My introduction to sound system culture was around 2007, around the same time discovering unbelievable electronic music for home/ headphone listening as well as clubs. I started off as drummer, was messing around with music software for a couple of years before that but as of then I was firmly in the rabbit hole. I suppose my want for Live instrumentation is just an extension of this, as a producer I’m excited by a window into the thought processes of an artist and the element of performance, improvisation.




You have said you want to shine a light on techno live sets. Why do you think there aren’t many live sets out there, especially in Leeds?

Tom: We want to bring variation in styles of electronic music and Live sets, there’s amazing things being done on the fringes of whats classifiable. We want to showcase that. This could get lengthy! I think mainly there’s less people doing it and unlike DJ’s producers aren’t always performers. Then I think maybe venues are reluctant to take the risks, it’s still quite niche, DJ sets have wider appeal.


Visuals are another area you want to forefront at the night – could you talk me through why this is important to you? Have there been any nights in particular that have been good at installations?

Tom: The function of putting a sound system in a room is to make you dance, but I have always felt my most memorable experiences have in someway stimulated me visually as well. Whether it was the aesthetic of the building or the way it was lit, colours, its set and setting. I’ll spend a good portion of a night with my eyes closed if i’m really into it, but when I open them I want to see something out of the ordinary!


Alex, you have been working behind the bar for a while now. Have you learned anything while doing so that has informed how you approach putting on an event or making bookings?

Alex: Working at Wire has given me the opportunity and experience to work at many events over the 5 years. It’s a tough industry to get into in Leeds, as there is a constant cycle of trends and tastes changing every 6 months, looking at this we aim to approach each event with an open mind, switching focus through Live, DJ sets and visual art forms, via label showcases, special guest appearances and our resident team. Next up we have Steevio & Suzybee Live, with Grimes Adhesif and can’t wait to see what they have in store for us over at Hifi.


What made you choose Overmono as the headliner for your last event?

Alex: Overmono seemed as a solid choice as we are all into Tessela and Truss. Both heavyweights with massive releases over the years, we looked forward to seeing the different styles the brothers had developed and how they would pull off as a duo. Their opening releases on XL were impressive and felt it was time they made the journey to Leeds to play together for the first time in the city.


What is the big plan for Tilt Shift?

Alex: To keep moving forward and enjoy the ride!