Now honing his skills as a sound designer up in Glasgow, Linnemann started out in Sheffield DJing at the infamous STI (Sheffield Techno Institute) parties where he soon made a name for himself amongst the local techno and electronic music community. Things really took root for him when he gained his first residency at Hope Works in 2013. Since then he has shared the stage with everyone from Jeff Mills to Veronica Vasicka to Steevio, gradually honing and refining his sound in line with the insanely broad palette of music that Hope Works and its founder, Lo Shea have become known for promoting. Linnemann also now holds a residency at STI where he and his partners in crime, Cellar Dwellar and Randy Lahey still bring all manner of wonky heroes and techno aficionados to the city.

He is now back on the Leeds circuit after a lengthy hiatus, at Wire Club’s new Tilt-Shift party. Along with fellow resident J Hud, you can certainly expect consistent, deft accompanying performances apropos to the already intriguing programme that Tilt-Shift founder, Tom Handley has in store. This Friday they welcome UK techno dons Overmono (Truss and Tessela), as well as Leeds heroes Chrononautz who will be playing live is set. This is set to be quite an intense occasion. We wanted Linnemann to give us a flavour of what he might have in store for us this weekend, so here are 5 of his favourite peak time selections.


Experiencing the usual mental bottleneck… I think I’ll have to base this largely on tracks I’ve played the most over the years. Certainly one of the best things to do amid a really busy and intense set is to break things down into a tune with very few elements. Not many people can do that better than the devious one himself, DVS1. Infectious doesn’t even cut it…


There are few more exciting manoeuvres mid techno set than a segway into electro. I reckon this is an exemplary way to do it! Always creates a really special atmosphere, this one. Every element is spot on.


Objekt is too good. His visionary use of dynamic processing in this track just elevates any set. Could have picked plenty of other Objekt tracks, but this one probably ended up in my bag the most, with Ganzfeld a close second.


I’m going to deviate from the ‘tracks I’ve been playing for years’ thing because Lemna totally blew me away at the last Berlin Atonal. Highlight #1. This, her first release, came out shortly after the festival and I bought it straight away. Her live set there was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever heard. Watch out for her!


A big anthem at STI parties in Sheffield, RDJ’s subtle intonation in this track sends shivers every time. It’s just so outrageously good and in that sense, I guess it doesn’t differ too much from the rest of his music.