From the release of Catching Spyders at the turn of the 90s, up to his newest productions on Slow Life, Imprints, Bosconi, 100Hz aka Lee Renacre has never stopped painting masterstrokes of minimal house and techno. Contributing heavily to the tech-house sound of the 90s on labels such as Eukahouse, Oblong and Pacific, his influence has endured thanks to the new school of club DJs whose speciality is in digging up club-ready nuggets of yore, and artfully showering them across new audiences.

Though he never stopped producing, Lee has recently channeled this new lease of life into a fresh record label: Modugroove. It has become an outlet for his more abstract productions – possibly a sign of his unwillingness to simply compound his already-extensive catalogue of huge club tunes, and to rather showcase his studio prowess. And yet, party starting tracks are the overwhelming flavour of Lee’s selections for his Production Line – the feature where we ask artists to name the tracks that have influenced them most in their creative process. This bodes well for the weekend, as MASS have enlisted Lee to play live for their second birthday celebrations along with Alex Picone of the SEEKERS label. For deep sounds spanning electro, tech house, minimal and more, there won’t be a better spot in Leeds this Saturday.


Suburban Knight – The Art of Stalking

“The most extreme dark proper Techno track of the early 1990’s, a seriously stealthy deep club track. I remember this being played at the infamous End club in London more than once or twice. Massive rolling juicy sick bass, I just can’t help myself trying to make something like this track at home and never quite getting there, best leave it to the original and really enjoy the genius and simplicity of this wonderful piece of music. I’m moved, Respect!”


Claud Von Stroke – Who’s Afraid of Detroit

“I first heard this track on a Boiler Room video, it was Richie Hawtin playing at an outside party in the warmth of an Ibiza sunset evening and that piece of music summed up the whole summer for me. I often think of this track when making music but it just ends up influencing the track too much and I have to stop. I did make one track with this in mind and I’m not sure I will release it, its not a copy, I’m just so touched by the music I’ve made my own version, its well different but has the same kinda vibe, anyway people love when I play it out. Hats off to you Claud!”


Timo Maas Featuring MC Chickaboo – Shifter

“Oh my Gosh! Absolute party track and guaranteed to get the place totally moving! Super arrangement going on with at least 3 different bass lines and seriously upfront vocals by Chickaboo. I have to call this a Tony O track because every time we were at a house party with our crew, Tony would be forced to play this through overwhelming pressure from us on the dance floor! Shape Shifter, Shape Shifter!! He had to give in and play it LOUD!”


Green Velvet – La La Land

“This is one of our ( me and my girlfriend’s) favourite party tracks, Love the sick vocals and twisted drug message running through it, true Green Velvet madness from start to finish, We will always put this one on if we are having our own little party at home, or beg the DJ to play it at a friends house party!”


A Number of Names – Sharevari

“1982 people!! Ahead of its time with this cheeky little number. Live bass and drums and more sick twisted vocals from this Kraftwerk type track of the early 80’s. Love the simplicity and the fact that I still don’t know what the word Sharevari means! I have memories of driving around listening to this track in the 90’s with my music other half Jimmy. It still get played at parties with our mates dancing around like nutters! Totally excellent.”