Sam from Pleasure Connection (one of our new residing nights at Wire who recently threw their opening party with super-selectors Suzanne Kraft and Interstellar Funk) has put together a gorgeous mix to tide you over before their next event. Here, he talks us through the mix in a level of detail that is the mark of a true music lover. Listen, read and enjoy.

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“To be asked to write about a mix was quite a daunting task, it is uncertain whether you are to write about the dullen things such as the transition between records and whether I had thought about it or not, which I wont be or the chosen music within it, in which I certainly did (I wrote this after). With mixes coming out daily by a, b and c – some try to cut through by creating a theme and some do, I chose to pull a through from the mix and talk more in depth about those and give a chance to share beyond it. To those who choose to use phrases such as “secret weapon” “no id” “go diggin’” you restrict the very important medium of sharing which is so important in helping artists come into light, even if it does get very little return in audience. If you adopt this attitude, it bleeds into the rest of your life and this has a very limited shelf life in my opinion.

Kyle had asked me to pair records with wine here. I only really know one. I would recommend the Chat Fou by Eric Texier, so grab a bottle of that – it’s a red wine that has a more energetic feel to it, no lethargy.

The records really were a part of a collection that I don’t get to dive into much, more dance orientated. I will pick six from the mix, but as I mentioned above, anyone wanting to know a track, do pop a message on there.”



1) Jane – A Fine Day

“This is the opening record, a joyous 7” on Cherry Red Records (UK) which if you have listened, only contains the vocals. Only one album was composed from this artist and it is certainly worth giving it a listen through to experience very spatial folk writing, the track ‘You Are Over There’ especially.


A few more worth checking out on Cherry Red are;


Playgroup – Epic Sound Battles (Not to be confused with Trevor Jackson’s Playgroup)


And the resissues of Felt.”


2) Felicia Atkinson – No Fear But Anticipation (2:56)

“A personal top 5 favourite for me, I must have shown everyone this record at some point and have opened with it a couple of times. A real dive into experimental composition with both spoken word and intricate chopping and slicing of sounds to stimulate the ASMR. I would recommend listening in full. It is also certainly worth following up with their bandcamp on other releases, especially the recent Gabriel Soloman – Movement Building.”


3) Kris Baha – Push (28:30)

“Really enjoying the output by Kris Baha, this whole EP especially – a very rough and tough industrial sound for the assigned darker corners of the audience, there be monsters (of the best kind). Also included is another record on Pinkman Records later in the mix ‘Lvring – Demolition’ (43:42).”


4) High Boys – This Is The Captain Speaking (43:45)

“A real low-slung, drugged out number – a reflection most likely associated with their name ‘High Boys’ needed to be included. Hoga Nord Records is worth noting down as one to follow. A recommendation would be Fatma – The Dirty Beat as a starter.”



5) Pinklunch – Smut (1:12:50)

Trevor Jackson, isn’t it – I needn’t say more.”


6) Psychic TV – Jigaw (1:53:30)

“Gen P.orridge, Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV – an output I think everyone should include within their lives, although maybe not accessible musically, an interesting life with COUM Transmissions, the exile from Hull in the very early 70s following police harassment and the creation of Throbbing Gristle, it deemed necessary to include this new-beat staple.”




“I wouldn’t say I have done this for a long time, maybe about 4 or 5 years playing in clubs, and there is and always will be a fickle nature in the approach to music – accessibility across the board is incredible, to all sorts of music – but with the limited attention span people hold (I imagine very little have got this far) there are a lot of people I would like to take the time to say thank you to who have made this hobby 10 fold more enjoyable.


Kyle Mc, Ollie P, Kellie Adams (for basically putting me here and giving me the chance along with kyle all them years ago), Chris Gibbo, Pleasure Connection, Tom Alcott, Oli Walkden, BSU folks for the early memories, the London folks at Reighton for letting me crash on the couch, KMAH radio, Wire, HiFi, Wharf C, Tom Hannah, Loz H (mr chekov), PADA, John and Steve, all behind love muscle (L), Cosmic Slop (the first place I got to hear jazz dance in its full appreciation and still the best party), Mike Greenwell n Tom Smith, Berlin crew NOV 2017 (you’re all in there), Jazz Cafe, Lawrie B (sangria kong), FSN fellows, Scott Dulson at the last Horse Meat Disco, VITO (JC), BONGO (we all miss you kid, nothing weird), Jack Martin, Stu Fear, Matt Bradshaw, Body Language 2015, the studio dwellers, the story tellers, equaliser!, Si Scott, Jack Tomson, TRIBE RECORDS, LOW COMPANY records & Sanjay, JUMBO records, ELDICA Records, disque 72 social & Andy Pye, Outlaws YC, Barry & Jazz Club, edv3ctor, Brunswick, all of Leeds in general and of course my Mum. I could go on and on, pls don’t feel you’ve been missed out.”