After half a year of amazing performances at Wire, we asked one of Brotherhood’s newly appointed resident DJs to show us what’s in her bag. This selector’s internationally-minded selections flow from her passion for the environment. Under the “Elemental” name, you will find her running sustainable events that deal with key issues by encouraging artistic creativity; “creative social activism” is the name, and “making sustainability sexy” is her game.

As well as at these events, you can catch her playing alongside Jayda G and anu at Wire later this month. (If you have a ticket that is, since it’s sold out).

Unsurprisingly, african rhythms abound in these picks – enjoy!


Name(s): Tami Pein (Brotherhood)

DJ name: n/a

Hometown: Leeds


“I don’t think I could fit a heavy record bag on my bike…so I don’t buy too many. “On the USB” doesn’t sound as appealing but, despite my limited record collection, here’s a selection of a some of the records I do own.”


First record ever bought

“The story behind this record is an interesting one. My experience in Eastern Bloc was a bit like Harry’s first time in Ollivander’s Wand Shop. This very special record, ‘Languages of Tambores’ was being played on the shop speakers and I knew it was the record (wand) for me. I love the sound of percussion, especially polyrhythms in electronic music. This record’s tracklist consists of an eclectic selection of some of the best global percussion sounds I have ever heard.”


Best floorfiller

“Last year I joined Rhythms of Resistance, a samba group where rhythm meets political activism. This tune reminds me of the breaks we learn in samba. After hearing Avalon Emerson play this in Wire I haven’t stopped listening to it since.”


Sleaziest record

“It’s murder on the dance floor / But you’d better not kill the groove / Hey hey / It’s murder on the dance floor / But you’d better not steal the moves, DJ / gonna burn this goddamn house right down.”


Best warehouse/stadium filler

“My friends in SA made it clear that the best dance music scene is in Johannesburg. This is a South African House Track called Mexican Girl by Jo-berg based producer, DJ Aero. The widespread Durban sounds of GQOM music goes to show how incredible the music coming out of SA is right now.”


Best chill-out record

“Close your eyes and listen…”


Most nostalgic record

“Probably my desert island track. With warm uplifting harmonies and epic guitar riffs, Carry On takes me on a journey somewhere great every time I hear it.”


Weirdest record

“Now this is a freaky record. Played by Banoffee Pies at Gottwood 2017. I actually haven’t played it out yet but it’s definitely in the bag.”


Last record you bought

“Mmm floaty melodic synthy goodness from Esa. I am big fan of his production and DJing. Hope he comes to Leeds soon!”


Record you wish you could own

“Afro rock disco fusion from Eko Rooservelt with powerful brass and funky bassline. This record is in my bag of dreams. If only I could listen to this record and not the YouTube rip.”