Following his appearance at the Leeds leg of the Dimensions International pre-parties series with Jensen Interceptor on 16th March 2019, we asked Identified Patient to walk us through the many rooms of his record bag. Job Veerman entered notoriety after his utterly wild Boiler Room set at Dekmantel 2018, which explored crusty industrial, warped electro and euphoric trance, nearly always played at the wrong speed. The Dutch affiliate is highly attuned to the point where the strangeness meets satisfaction, and his selections below follow this rule, ranging from fucked-up pop records to early-80s tribal-industrial cassettes.


First record ever bought?

“A cassette with Voodoo People by Prodigy on it. It was a compilation, I think…. Random, lucky buy. Looking for it as we speak Discogs now, would love to see what the other tracks were again. Traveling to Finland from Holland with my 2 older sisters in a Suzuki swift with only this tape. The times…”


Best floorfiller?

“This one varies, but there is one that gets me every time. Takes me back to allot of good memories, big S.O to berend!”


Best crate dig?

“Hmmm, have been enjoying this for a while.”


Sleaziest record?

“What you gonna do!!”



Best warehouse/stadium filler?

“Big communistic stadium, singing in a choir all together.”


Best chill-out record?

“Sunsets, candle lights and wine with good people in a cosy house.”



Most nostalgic record?

“Ha, just heard this one again a while ago. Teenage vibes all the way with that nintendo joystick in your hand.”



Most valuable record? (monetary or sentimental)

“No words. Would love to give you a funeral top 5 in follow up haha.”


Weirdest record?

“This is so good. One big trip. Listen to it when you have a hard hangover, and all your cures will be cured:”



Last record you bought?

“It was a CD:”


Record you wish you could own?

“I see that there are some copies now and a proper youtube upload. Good question hehe:”


“Ow and this one:”