Ahead of their big Halloween event with Bambounou and Anastasia Kristensen in collaboration with Walking Through Sound and Limit, we spoke to Alex Gilroy aka Yorlig of Revamp about some of the highlights of his collection. What is revealed is a DJ wholly dedicated to digging proper dance music through the ages, from early acid and hardcore all the way up to present trends. With records like these, it’s no surprise that Revamp is becoming one of the most respected party-starting forces in the city.


First record ever bought?

“Robert Hood – Hoodmusic 1. Bought from Phonica in London 3 years ago to kickstart my record collection. “Razr” is the highlight on this for me, does what it says on the tin – razor sharp killer Detroit techno.”


Guaranteed floorfiller?

“Gat Decor – Passion (Naked Mix). Stone cold euphoric classic that never fails to fill the floor. When the piano finally kicks in it just creates a real party atmosphere, will never tire of hearing this record out.”


Best crate dig?

“Cosmic Brian – Far From A River. Picked up from Record Loft in Berlin in the midst of 1000s Of other Records not in sections, exactly what I was looking for at the time and was told Hardcore is pretty hard to come across in Berlin so was a nice find! Also got a heavy discount on it as I had told the owner it was my birthday, the dude was crazy but a real gentleman, will definitely be paying a visit there soon!”


Sleaziest record?

“Dream 2 Science – How Do I Love Thee. Proper sexy deep house, bought the reissue from Rush Hour a while ago and rarely leaves my record bag. Guilty of a sultry strut to this one, great great record, breathe deep could’ve been another one I chose of this EP that fits the bill too!”


Best festival anthem?

“Nomad – Devotion (Pangaea’s Edit). Pretty overplayed now but great memories of festival season ‘17, big festival anthem and was played a lot that summer. The original is a classic but this edit made it sound a bit more fresh and club ready so it’s no wonder it was so popular. A real highlight of Dekmantel ‘17 was Ben UFO playing both sides of this record in his set before it had been released, which as you can imagine created a lot of hype!



Best chill-out record?

“I guess most would go for an ambient record for this but I’m gunna choose Roy Davis Jr – Gabrielle (Live Garage Version). It’s a proper afters chill out record with super smooth vocals for ultimate relaxation.”


Most nostalgic record?

“Kalli – Early Hours 24/7. Major nostalgia on this one. Me and my mates used to rinse this as 15 year olds and still play it often now, always reminds me of when I first started getting into the scene and going out so I’ll always have very fond memories of this one.”


Most valuable record? (monetary or sentimental)

Too many sentimental ones to choose from so I guess monetary would be “Frequency X – Hearing Things”, think I paid around £45 for a VG+ Copy at the time and it’s selling for around £55-70 now, I’m not big on the idea of buying expensive Records just because they’re expensive but for me this is one of the best acid house tracks ever made, it had everything


Weirdest record?

“Klart – Shaver. The rest of the record is actually really solid but this track always makes me laugh! Not much needs to be said about that one. I bought this before knowing that one half of Klart is Andrew Weatherall, I thought that was pretty cool.”


Last record you bought?

“Kenny Larkin – Colony. Proper wonky/trippy club stuff on Richie Hawtins classic label Plus 8. Been into a lot more subtle/trippy club music recently and this fits the bill perfectly.”


Record you wish you could own?

“Tom & Jerry – Scooby’s Dreaming. Price is ridiculous as is the norm with most Tom & Jerry records. Only found out recently that it’s 4Hero’s alter ego which is pretty cool but they definitely make better records under Tom & Jerry, it’s just a shame they’re so hard to come by/so expensive!”


Best closing tune?

“Egyptian Empire – The Horn Track (Mark Archer Remix). Making it progressively slower throughout makes it even better! The elongated horns make for a very atmospheric end whilst still ending on a blisteringly Ravey high note. Love this track.”