Leeds knows how to throw a party. Anyone that comes through the city as a student or worker acquires some of that special wisdom, whether it be in selecting records, promoting or just dancing. Toby Nicholas has occupied all three roles in his time on both sides of the Pennines, and is now flying with a sweet … Continued

Mark Hawkins has been in the game for years, but is constantly reinventing himself. After releasing countless records under his real name during the noughties, he more recently assumed his moniker and concealed his identity. Now, he has pulled the veil from his face for the public to see, while also looking at himself in … Continued

We get to know York’s Indigo promoter Luke Davies ahead of his I Love Acid showcase at Wire next month on 29th July 2016.   Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from and what do you get up to day to day? Are you involved in a lot of musical projects? I am … Continued

This Friday, Overflow will be throwing their 25th proper party. There is no doubt that they are the bastions of Drum & Bass in Leeds, and we are really proud to host their events at Wire. Their next event features LSB, who is one of the scene’s front running Liquid DJs and producers. He’s been … Continued

The next instalment of Acetate will once again exhibit selectors of world class calibre. David Kennedy aka Pearson Sound, who organises the night, errs towards the DJs who dedicate their time to collecting music, infrequently booking those who attempt to spin plates and produce music at the same time. The DJs’ heightened awareness of the vinyl record landscape seems … Continued

We e-mailed Mint Club resident, Strobewax Records creator, Mosaic-released producer and one of Leeds’ finest exports Annie Errez before her set at Butter Side Up alongside Daniel Bell, reflecting on her time as a DJ and music lover in our city.   How long have you been in Leeds? What was your introduction to life here? … Continued

The overwhelming feeling conveyed by a lot of music coming out of our cities at the moment is irony. Would you expect anything less from a post-9/11 British youth? Our country’s inimitable, incisive sense of humour is a genuine reason to feel patriotic. It’s a fantastic way of coping with things: at once positively engaging with politics and also … Continued

It’s a New Year, and there’s a new night making it’s home underground at Wire. It’s called Nørd. We asked organiser Robbie Henriques to tell us about his plans.   How have you come to put on this night?   The night is a blend of party aspects we really appreciate, the setting, the sound, colours … Continued