Anyone who participates in DJ culture has to admit that one of its strongest allures is the hunt for track IDs. Human nature will not allow for anything to be remain a secret. The will to knowledge is too intense. And if this was the case 30 years ago, then the intensity is now at boiling point in the age of … Continued

Moscoman, as head of the Disco Halal label, has almost single-handedly brought middle eastern sounds onto the dancefloor since their first release in 2015. Prior to this, the only sonic signifiers from the area were reflected and refracted through a western gaze – that of Manchester legend Muslimgauze, for example. Though the pioneering producer’s work has been a … Continued

Ahead of the second event in Overflow’s trio of fifth birthday bashes at Wire, we spoke to FD – an internationally renowned liquid DJ who finds his home on Lenzman’s The North Quarter label.   Name(s): Freddie Producer name: FD Hometown: London   First record ever bought All on the same day: Ed Rush & … Continued

George Hartshorn has dominated the scene since forming Brotherhood Sound System in 2012. He has utilised nearly every venue that the city’s had to offer (some still extant, others not), while pioneering huge shifts in our music preference. Recently came the brand’s biggest aesthetic makeover, swapping dark electronics and imagery for a brighter sound and visual colour scheme. Considering … Continued

This weekend sees the first Pleasure Connection event at Wire, with two of the most exciting guests we have ever had come through the club: Amsterdam’s Suzanne Kraft and Interstellar Funk. But, behind any set of dazzling headliners, there is always a sturdy resident propping them up. Kyle McSparron from Londonderry is one of them. He can … Continued

We had a chat with the Delphïc crew ahead of their next party with nthng. They are keeping melodic techno alive in Leeds…   First of all, how did your first two parties go at Wire? We had too much fun throwing the first parties. Denis Horvat played our opening night. We had never seen … Continued

HMT Hard Cru’s output is unrestrictedly referential. No corner of pop culture from about 1990 is safe from these vulturous aesthetes, whose whole being is seemingly dedicated to churning out hysterical acts of subversive collage. With a love of big tunes at their core, they are bringing a half-forgotten era of hardcore, Ibiza classics and donk crashing back into … Continued

In his sound, visual aesthetic and sheer volume of output, you may be fooled into thinking that Carl Finlow isn’t of this earth. When he does come back down to terra firma, he doesn’t stay still, but traverses it: in the 2000s, probably the height of his powers, Finlow was regularly embarking on world tours, having made a name for … Continued

Overflow began in 2013, inspired by the legendary Momentum, Sub Dub and Jungle Jam nights, but desirous to add their own flavour to the rich Leeds scene. Five years on, and their place at the top of the DnB tree is firmly secured. Overflow have always had an inspired taste in headliners: LTJ Bukem, Hazard, … Continued

For the first edition of Tribe’s Picks of 2018, we asked one of the shop’s gurus Alex T to reflect on the past year, forecast the year ahead and provide his usual set of current hits from the shelves of 28 Kirkgate. Give the Tribe Records page a like on Facebook to keep up to date. “The … Continued

After half a year of amazing performances at Wire, we asked one of Brotherhood’s newly appointed resident DJs to show us what’s in her bag. This selector’s internationally-minded selections flow from her passion for the environment. Under the “Elemental” name, you will find her running sustainable events that deal with key issues by encouraging artistic creativity; “creative social … Continued

We chat to Hamburg’s Lawrence, who is responsible for setting up the brilliant Smallville record shop in the city, as well as jointly masterminding the amazing techno and minimal label DIAL. Visions of Germany’s huge port city may consist of Christmas markets and frostbitten municipal squares, as well as the classy winter warmth of continental cafe culture. … Continued