From the release of Catching Spyders at the turn of the 90s, up to his newest productions on Slow Life, Imprints, Bosconi, 100Hz aka Lee Renacre has never stopped painting masterstrokes of minimal house and techno. Contributing heavily to the tech-house sound of the 90s on labels such as Eukahouse, Oblong and Pacific, his influence … Continued

Sam from Pleasure Connection (one of our new residing nights at Wire who recently threw their opening party with super-selectors Suzanne Kraft and Interstellar Funk) has put together a gorgeous mix to tide you over before their next event. Here, he talks us through the mix in a level of detail that is the mark of a … Continued

The last time we saw CTRL Sound in Leeds, we would never have associated them with the avant-garde of European techno. Yet, after several of years throwing huge 140bpm events in London, and after many more inspiring nights, festivals and conversations, this is exactly where they have ended up: on the brink of giving a Leeds debut to Ilian Tape’s Zenker … Continued

Ironically, Fuzzy Logic is now of legal age to enter a club. Celebrating an 18th birthday is something we all expect to do personally – but for a club night, it’s a real rarity. The longevity of Leeds’ original alternative night is testament to the continued pertinence of “indie” music which, having seemingly reached its peak at the turn … Continued

We were really happy to see an e-mail from Mr Malcolm WeLove land in our inbox a few months ago. An area of dance music that is lacking in Leeds is his particular brand of soulful house, one that is equally at home encompassing disco and boogie elements as it is harder and deeper ones. This … Continued

Now honing his skills as a sound designer up in Glasgow, Linnemann started out in Sheffield DJing at the infamous STI (Sheffield Techno Institute) parties where he soon made a name for himself amongst the local techno and electronic music community. Things really took root for him when he gained his first residency at Hope … Continued

Ahead of their first night at Wire we chatted to Gaby and Paddy of Portal Presents, two music students adding their own flavour to the already rich broth of drum and bass sounds in Leeds. Their first event with 1991 is on 1st May.   How did Portal Presents come together? How did you meet? And … Continued

In this new feature, we ask our favourite maestros of the mixing desk to take us through a listening-lineage of influences on their production style. Here, the UK master of dubbed-out minimal, house and techno Steve O’Sullivan runs us through the tracks that have informed and continue to inform his work in the studio, and as curator of the legendary Mosaic Records label. Steve … Continued

We chat to one of the key figures of the London underground tech-house and minimal scene and head of Cartulis Music, Unai Trotti, ahead of his appearance at Timing tonight.   What is is like being a Spaniard in London? How long did it take for you to feel at home in the UK? Same as … Continued

After a little hiatus (during which they threw a great party at Wire with their friends from across the Pennines, Eastern Bloc) the Tribe Records boys are back on the blog. A whole load of new records have been piling into shop on Kirkgate; here’s just a few of the most notable ones, selected by Alex T … Continued

Over a year ago, now, some young promoters from Sheffield got in touch with us at Wire with a view to do a night. It was the Pretty Pretty Good crew, led by Dan Sumner. Unknowingly, they became the pioneers of second-city promotional activity. Since then, we have welcomed nights from Manchester Middlesborough, London and more … Continued

Anyone who participates in DJ culture has to admit that one of its strongest allures is the hunt for track IDs. Human nature will not allow for anything to be remain a secret. The will to knowledge is too intense. And if this was the case 30 years ago, then the intensity is now at boiling point in the age of … Continued